9 Strategies To Increase Customer Satisfaction

In today’s business world providing excellent customer service is the competitive edge irrespective of the type of industry. Customer Satisfaction is your goal.

In every business  where customer acquisition expenditures are increasing, small to large corporations  need to focus on creating a customer experience to enhance customer satisfaction.



Right here I will be sharing 9 game-changing concepts in order to help you on your techniques to improve your customer service and customer satisfaction:


  1. You must treat your customers like they are your BOSS


Your customer is your revenue. Without any customers, there’s nobody going to pay you! By taking this mindset to every client communication you could normally transform any situations into providing the best customer solutions.

Just imagine you are the one accountable for customer service … if your employee handled every client the way they treated you ( the boss), just how superb would certainly the solution or outcome be!



Right here are several of the methods I suggest companies make use of:

— Give thanks to all your clients

— Always give the extra mile in order to help customers

–Image you getting a pay raise as you attempt to excite your customers

— Consider your salary each time you talk to a customer. No customer No salary.

— Always maintain your standards and consistency when dealing with your clients.


  1. Concentrate on figuring out how to always provide total customer satisfaction


Did you know that 91 percent of your miserable consumers will never ever purchase your services and products from you once more? Determining ways to provide customer complete satisfaction will assist you reduce discontented customers.

Just how do you identify customer satisfaction?


– Use Online Survey Tools

– Concentrate on Customer Total Satisfaction Metrics

– Use customer ticket systems such as helpdesk etc.


  1. Create customer commitment across the board amongst all employees in order to raise the customer satisfaction level


In a publication by Jeffrey Gitomer mentioned that  Client Satisfaction is worthless. Client commitment is invaluable.

There is a strong connection between customer commitment and customer satisfaction.

He assumes that services should certainly concentrate their initiatives on establishing loyal customers, that will remain for a long time not easily impacted by competitors.

I agree with Jeffery and also have really included my following 5 favored approaches to develop customer commitment to boost customer total satisfaction.

– Remember unique occasions like customers birthday celebrations.

– Always have goals to have well-informed customer

– Implement self-service support network systems to facilitate customers

– Managers need to lead from the front when dealing with customer service.

– Always speak with your customers , find out precisely just what they need and also prefer




  1. Stay clear of making these client retention blunders.

No business is unsusceptible to dissatisfied customers. Statistics have shown that any business worldwide with the very best customer service will certainly still shed approximately 9% of their customers to their rivals. But not to worry! There are many ways and efforts that can be taken in order to avoid customers abandoning you.

Below are 3 typical customer retention mistakes that are affecting your customer satisfaction:

– You are overlooking consumer responses.

– You are taking things personally when a customer responds.

– You are using long, monotonous customer responses systems, surveys etc.




  1. Establish practical and realistic customer expectations.

When starting out a new organisation, businesses tend to establish very high customer expectation which is a big mistake. There are times your sales person made ridiculous guarantees and assurances just to make through the deal ?

The best policy is always to under promise and over deliver.

There’s no far better feelings when you have delivered far beyond the customer expectation. You will feel great to see your customer being happy.




  1. Implement the very best methods to check your customers feedback.

A customer comments is the most effective means to uncover just how completely satisfied your customers are. It will unlock new ways to boost your product and services, as well as recognizing who  are your  customer advocates that actually appreciate your products and services.

I would recommend using a client feedback surveys that asks customers to score between (1-10) exactly how likely they will recommend your product and services to others.

You may also ask other questions related to your products and services but please keep it under 10 questions. A simple and quick survey have better response rate.




  1. Email is one of the best or maybe the most effective method to raise customer satisfaction.


One study by online marketing experts revealed that 59% of businesses think e-mail advertising and marketing is still one of the most reputable network for generating profits. If it’s so good , why do not we use it even more to boost customer total satisfaction?


I wish to talk about 3 instances where business can make use of e-mail to boost customer satisfaction :-

– Use e-mail to remain in contact with consumers by sending out scheduled e-mails with link to your promotions.

– Use email to send out individualized unique offers to specific customer base.

– Use email to get customer feedback and surveys in order to track total customer satisfaction.



  1. Usage of socials media to maintain an eye and also track on customer feedback so you could maintain your customer’s satisfaction.


Boost Total Customer Satisfaction with Social media. The company will lose money each time it losses a customer . Have a specific team to track and handle customer queries through social media.

With your customers currently utilizing their cell phones around 150 times every day, it is vital to recognize that they will certainly count on socials media to leave their complaints.

Your job is to have social networks tracking devices to track unfavorable as well as beneficial comments, as well as repair them appropriately. Social media site provides a superb opportunity to actually enhance customer satisfaction.

Right here’s just how you can do just that:.

– Make use of  social media sites to keep an eye on your company name or brand name being mentioned

– Make use of  socials media as a customer assistance network.

– Make use of socials media to hold Q&A sessions with customers.



  1. Statistics speaks the TRUTH. Please recognize the worth of customer satisfaction.


If the above 8 methods suggested above did not convince you then please check out the following statistics which is mind blowing.



( image credit to http://www.parature.com/infographic-2016-state-global-customer-service/)

Below are 3 realities that will motivate you to begin concentrating on why enhancing customer complete satisfaction is important.

i)A study done by Bain and also Co. reveals that  a 5% rise in customer retention could enhance a firm’s earnings by 75%.

ii) Another study done by Gartner Team tells us that 80% of your firm’s future earnings will originate from 20% of your existing customers.

iii) Lastly, a study done by Lee Source Inc. reported that attracting brand-new customers will certainly cost your business 5 times more than maintaining a current customer.

Increase your customer satisfaction by focusing on the customer experience.

The client experience is where businesses are won and also lost. Whether it be via e-mail, social media networks, customer surveys  or wonderful employees, you need to concentrate the on customer experience.

Always Keep in mind, the fact is your customers pay your incomes, to enhance client total satisfaction as well as customer loyalty, you should deal with customers as if they were your BOSS.

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