The Link Between Customer Service and Profits

Did it ever cross your mind whether there is any link between profits and customer service? 

Many research and studies have been done on this aspect. Yes! There is a very strong linkage between the two.


Though sometimes we have seen some companies maintaining good profits although their customer service sucks. This normally happens if they hold monopoly in the market or they are the most convenient ones people go to.

Even under such circumstances, it will be better for them to give excellent service.  If they choose not to, very soon their competitors will take over their loyal customers.

Then, they will start losing customers and see their profits dropping.

Below, I would like to share with you 3 crucial links between profits and providing  excellent customer service:

1) Customer Loyalty



Many studies have found that when there is an increase in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty will increase accordingly. Based on actual data, when your customer loyalty increases the profits will increase too. Data shows that your loyal customer returning and buying more products or services from you.

So if you want your customers to remain loyal to your products and service give them good service.Build strong relationship with them as part of your customer service campaign to gain and maintain customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction -> Customer Loyalty -> Profits

Believe Me! You will be happy when you make your customers happy while happily seeing your growing profits. 

2) Customer Referrals

Let’s be frank here.

You are also a customer. You buy stuff from others. You would have definitely referred some products or services to your closest friends and family members because you were happy with the purchase.


High possibility your customers will do the same when they are happy with your products or services.

Why? It is only natural that most people just does it.

So please always remember,

Excellent Customer Service Gains Higher Referrals.

Gaining referrals will increase your chances of improving your customer base.

So please always remember, Positive Word of mouth can be the most powerful marketing tool you have for increasing profits.

One of the most powerful marketing tools is Positive Word of Mouth ( WOM ). It leads to better profits.

3) Longevity

long term business


Let’s ponder a while on this simple question?

Does anyone in the right mindset will go into business having the intention of closing it down after a short period of time?

Definitely Not!

Just think about this a second. Since your loyal customers are willing to refer others to you due to the quality relationship, you are actually increasing the longevity of your business.

WOW! That’s really fantastic. One simple action has such big long-term impact on your profits by just providing exceptional customer service.

By now you must have realized that there is a strong link between customer service and profits. As such, it is really crucial to provide good customer service in order to increase your profits.

Overall, providing excellent customer service will give you the opportunity to improve the current sales and also cross-sell higher range products both resulting the increase in customer satisfaction and profits.

If you are really concern about the level of your customer service, don’t just sit around reading this blog posts. Take some action that will actually get results to improve your customer service.

I want to truly watch your business.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about anything covered in this article, let me know.

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